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Beef Bourguignon (ISH) Shepherds Pie

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Please, allow me to kick off this blog on a cozy note. Also, please allow me to use my kitchen torch on EVERYTHING moving forward, because I genuinely can't stop. Okay, not sincerely, but I got one for Christmas, and truly, people, it is changing my life. In my current state, I will torch anything you give me. Be it a brulee, ahi, a choice kobe beef, jk no one is giving me items to torch, but where they, I would SO be at the ready *ignites torch*.

I digress...Let's talk carbs. Shepherd's pie is one of those dishes that, frankly, has been done time and again, and it can be really...beige. Both in color and personality. With that in mind, and I decided to dress up this easy AF peasant dish. How do you dress up something that involves ground meat and a casserole dish? Copious herbs, a red wine reduction, and mushrooms add lots of depth of flavor, in addition to being the Bourguignon (ISH) portion to the program. It's heavy on the veg, with the addition of spinach, because, vitamins with the carbs, ya'll! Finally, and let's be real, most importantly, a white cheddar Yukon gold mash gets piped on top, then torched, if you're feelin' sassy. Let's get into it. 

shepherds pie 2 high res.jpg