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Linguine with Sausage, Mushrooms, Asparagus, & Sage Breadcrumbs in a Tomato Sherry Sauce

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On those nights where I'm just NAT FEELIN' IT, you best believe I'm reaching for the pasta. In truth, I reach for the pasta on nights when I am feelin' it all the time, but when you're exhausted or in between grocery runs, it can really save the day. 

This dish feels particularly warm and cozy with Italian sausage, earthy mushrooms, crisp asparagus, and a tomato sherry sauce that is rich, but brings enough acidity to round everything out. Because we're throwing this together on a weeknight, and should be extra nice to ourselves, homemade sage breadcrumbs come together in a snap, and provide you with an addicting, herbaceous crunch. Once you start making your own breadcrumbs, you won't ever want to buy them again. Also, it's an answer to all the bread butts you probably throw away. You're welcome (Can I start a band called The Bread Butts? What would our genre be? Probably something kind of rustic and French...I'm sorry). I hope this pasta makes up for my dad jokes. 

linguine 3 high res.jpg