Dani Goes South.

A Warm Welcome

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Oh, hi there! Thanks for stopping by. 

I'm Dani, a recipe developer, stylist, and photographer, who recently went south...to Austin, TX that is!

For quite some time, I knew I wanted to carve out this little internet space for myself. However, I wanted my space to feel like I'm hosting you at home, and I found myself in a weirdly dichotomous position. You see, I never felt particularly "at home" in my home state. Beyond obvious family and friend connections, sights, and restaurants I love, I just never subscribed to the overarching vibe of the culture. Part of me always knew I wanted something simpler, more down to Earth, but no where I went felt like it had its finger on exactly the right pulse for me. 

Cut to a dreamily unexpected trip to Austin, TX. Everyone told me, "Well, you won't be coming back.", "You're going to fall in love with it", yada-yada, blah, etc. Cliches are a thing for a reason, people! I moved two months after the aforementioned trip, and holy hell, do I love my new city! I love the food, I love the energy (I'm rolling my eyes at myself too, don't worry), and most of all, I love the way it awakens my soul creatively. Hence, the 10 happiness pounds I've gained, the hundreds of kitchen hours I've clocked since being here, and, THIS SPACE!

This space is somewhere I hope to share the recipes that have provided me comfort and inspiration, and the stories that accompany them. Because, frankly, I can't think of one single recipe I have an interest in cooking that doesn't have some sort of story. 

If you pop in here you'll probably find recipes plucked from the obscurity of what I crave on a day to day basis, a good dose of sass, and the occasional deep thought or two. 

Thank you for being here, and again, I couldn't be happier to host ya.